GE Design Center

GE is a world-leading tech company. To help them stay that way, we built a design center unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Environment · Strategy

As one of the worlds largest software companies, we wanted to present GE with a Design Center that carries the whole scope of their technological capabilities. In developing their new space for an agile and inspiring environment for both employees and customers, the new headquarters was conceptualized out of modularity and evolution with a strong emphasis on human behavior.

The space includes a briefing theater to kick off new projects, a collaboration machine with movable walls to create custom sized rooms, breakout areas for idea sharing, workshop areas for testing ideas, and a 360-degree virtual environment for full immersion.

At the heart of the space is the collaboration machine, which can be easily modified as technology evolves.

The GE Design Center is a new space built for agile development founded on design that truly inspires their employees and excites customers. It is a place designed and built to help GE speed up innovation by attracting the right people into the right rooms with the tools needed to build incredible stuff. It truly is an office unlike anything seen before. We are really excited to see what sort of work will come out of it.

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