DoorDash uses technology to connect people with the best in their cities.

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They empower local businesses and their customers through thoughtful, timely, and affordable food deliveries — and they wanted their San Francisco headquarters to reinforce the community they're building.

Looking to enrich the experience inside their San Francisco space, DoorDash aimed to strengthen both employees’ and visitors’ connection to the company’s mission and brand. Rapt worked with them to create a memorable experience that communicates the way the company supports their network and local communities.

Rapt created a colorful wayfinding system inspired by signage you’d find out on city streets. A central confluence of paths begins at reception and extends outward; vivid stripes run down hallways and up stairs to help people get to their destinations easily and efficiently. Just as Dashers are guided by lines on roads to get to their destinations, employees follow lines in the office that take them to different departments and amenities. 

Choose your path

A custom wayfinding system

Colorful lines lead employees to the right place based on their roles at the company, and termination points end at individual departments. Amenities run along white lines, which take employees to places like the café or bike storage facility. (We've heard new employees say that the wayfinding system has cut way down on confusion in their first few weeks at the office.) 

A large art installation in the company’s main gathering area graphically displays DoorDash departments. It illustrates the many faces of the community, facilitating a deeper appreciation for the important players across the company who ensure its success. Other artworks in the space, made of material like string, reinforce the DoorDash mission of establishing meaningful connections.

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