At LinkedIn, it’s not all about business. For their five-story building, they wanted something that would be professional but quirky, reflecting their brand. And we were up to the challenge.

Brand · Environment

Rapt Studio was brought on to compose a series of installations for the LinkedIn headquarters that enhanced the space while maintaining the brand’s identity. The concept; embrace a different theme, for each of their five floors. LinkedIn chose the themes, and Rapt developed subtle ways to carry them out while keeping them tied to the LinkedIn community.

For the National Parks Floor,” custom posters were created to look like classic WPA prints. Every print featured LinkedIn brand guidelines and insignia in place of the original WPA text. The fifth floor features a 30’ custom wallpaper, with sketches of people, coated in whiteboard paint so employees can re-live the nostalgic experience of drawing over newspaper photographs.
The art pieces continue through to the Necktie Floor,” where a large embroidered installation appears to be sewn into the wall. The floor-to-floor variety of quirky art reflects the company’s mantra that work and play go hand-in-hand.

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