Anova Culinary

When precision is a given and automation is reliable, Anova Culinary is asking: what’s the most connected a kitchen can be in the 21st century?

Environment · Strategy

As a sous vide start-up, Anova has a vision for the kitchen of the future, where people feel empowered and everything is connected. Rapt helped to create their first flexible retail space in downtown San Francisco, where Anova can now share its vision with a larger audience.

The new space – sitting within three floors of company offices – connects them to dedicated fans as well as new customers. It gives them a place to introduce the product and showcase the ease of cooking with the simple, unfussy tool, while teaching visitors to develop new tricks to expand their sous vide skill-set during classes, demos, and events.

A series of six satellite pavilions activate every corner. Each unit rests on wheels, so the space is highly flexible and can be easily reconfigured. Fresh, adaptable, and experiential, the space is decidedly future-forward.

It also catalyzes people’s interest in cooking in a new way. At the intersection of art, science, cooking, and community, it permits Anova to do more of what they’ve set out to do: “Making people all-star bad-ass cooks.”

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