Rapt Studio SF

The opportunity to relocate to a larger space one floor above our existing Maiden Lane studio in San Francisco was a chance to take things to the next level.

Brand · Environment · Strategy

The new workplace supports the way we work today—from space for each agile team to choices for each employee. When you enter the studio, you are greeted not by a reception desk and receptionist but by a coffee bar and barista. But it’s not just about the coffee; it’s about ensuring that a visitor’s first experience is unique and welcoming and not that of a typical office arrival. This hospitality area also features space for rotating art displays and furniture installations, while a large, adjacent conference room is equipped with a retractable glass wall to accommodate larger groups and events.

Moving farther into the space, you find a lounge, a library, and open office benching, as well as phone rooms and conference rooms of various sizes. Every employee is equipped with a laptop and a mobile phone, so that work can happen in any of these areas. Throughout the day, people move seamlessly to different areas as their tasks require different types of work.

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