OC Tech Office

This confidential internet firm pulls every stop to make their employees happy and productive at work. We wanted to take the same measures in designing a perfect workspace for their Irvine, California, location.

Brand · Environment · Strategy

This company isn’t just a world tech leader and search-engine giant, the corporation itself is widely known for its zaniness and fun office spaces. And Orange County is known for its California lifestyle and beach culture. For their Irvine office, we wanted to bring together the best of both worlds. The space is filled with design that nods to the local culture with everything from beach cruisers in the lobby to a lifeguard tower on the roof deck.

The 91,000 square feet is split up between four levels, connected by a steel and perforated acrylic staircase that serves as the centerpiece of the entire building. To cater to the competitive spirit of this particular staff, the stair is wired with sensors and LED lighting to display metrics around usage and distance climbed. The design team collaborated with employees to develop a tracking system and interface for broadcasting these metrics on monitors in lounges and other public areas.

The result was an office with the brand’s unique culture and a beach flare, built specifically for the team inside.

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