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Metropolis Magazine Think Tank Panel Recap

Rapt Studio and Metropolis team up to host a think tank panel: ‘Choice, Comfort, and Senses: The Workplace Experience.’

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting METROPOLIS for a Think Tank Panel titled Choice, Comfort, and Senses: The Workplace Experience.

In the workplace – as at home and in life – we desire choice, comfort and a sensory experience. By supplementing the predictable with unexpected –an unusual texture, a tantalizing aroma, a mood-altering beat – we define memorable workplace experiences and differentiate the exceptional from the mundane.

The panel was moderated by Susan Senazy, Publisher/Editor in Chief at METROPOLIS. The panelists included Greg Petroff – Chief Experience Officer at GE Digital, Glara Ahn – Experience Design Lead at Dropbox, Josh Turnbull – Founder and CEO at Lydian Dential, Louis Schump – Account Executive at Rapt Studio, and Sam Gray – Art Director at Rapt Studio.

Susan was her charming self and a great discussion was had around the idea of choice and options in the workplace. The panelists brought diverse ways of working to the panel – from a tech office at Dropbox, to destination based collaborative space at GE, to an innovative dental approach at Lydian.

The common thread through all of these was a demand for not only better work space, but for smarter ways of working. All of these industries have had a traditionally static approach to work and the workplace. Rather than prescriptive solutions, hackable systems enable the user to cater the experience to their particular needs, thus improving quality of work, not too mention recruiting and retention.

A big thanks to Susan, her team at METROPOLIS, and to all who attended. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more Rapt Studio updates.

Photography by Claudia Veizaga