Rapt Studio is coming to Salone del Mobile

With Tell Me More, we explore the intersection of spatial experience and emotional connection. We invite visitors to feel the emotion of arriving as individuals and leaving as part of something larger.

Inspired by the feeling of entering a beloved space, the two-part installation consists of an arrival chamber and expansive lounge, which serve as a backdrop to explore human connection. As guests first enter the space, they are greeted by small circular, drapery-clad “stages” – personal theaters. Each stage is a vignette within luminescent curtains, where guests are presented with a question posed by the stranger who came before them. Upon reflecting, visitors are asked to leave a query for the next guest before moving beyond mirrored walls into the lounge.

Within, lights fall from the vault ceiling above, spotlighting intimate conversations. Among the lights hang threads, from which questions are suspended, creating a living collage. Guests are encouraged to consider their answers to the questions they see and to strike up conversations, making personal connections with those around them.

Guiding visitors’ transition from their individual moments of reflection to a collective gathering is the design of the space itself: the cool, iridescent entrance leads to the warm, amber lounge. Throughout, accent colors emulate visitors’ varied experiences.

Of the installation, Rapt Studio CEO and Chief Creative Officer David Galullo says, “We envision Tell Me More as a living embodiment of human interaction – an exercise in placemaking built on and celebrating connection and conversation. A place for storytelling, with a memory all its own.”

To bring Tell Me More to life, Rapt partnered with a selection of renowned design brands. Erik Bruce is fabricating intricate, artful drapery for key components of the installation, creating thoughtful compositions with both color and opacity. Brooklyn-based lighting studio Rich Brilliant Willing is providing decorative fixtures, including their Vitis chandelier; Moooi Carpets by Mae Engelgeer is showcasing their new collaboration, the Swell Signature collection, which uses a soft palette and groovy graphics. Concrete Collaborative is showcasing custom terrazzo platforms and bar tables handmade in California, and Swedish furniture brand Blå Station is displaying their Åhus easy chair, cocktail tables, and a custom Bob sofa. DZINE, the San Francisco furniture showroom and gallery, facilitated the partnership with Sancal, a Spanish furniture company featuring chairs and benches upholstered in Danish fabric. Bart Halpern is providing luxurious, iridescent fabrics called Liquid and Opal sourced by Erik Bruce, and The Bradley Collection – a drapery hardware company based in the UK – is contributing artisanal hardware. Carnegie and Création Baumann are contributing their Chamois fabric.

Visit us:

  • Address: Via Ferrante Aporti, 15bis, 20125 Milano, Italy
  • Hours: April 9-13: 10:00 – 20:00, April 14: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Hashtags: #TellMeMore, #RaptxSalone

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Powerful Brands and the Women Responsible

Rapt exists to leverage the power that brands have to forge meaningful connections, touch us on a personal level, and even shape the way we live. We all know the brands that touch us, and that resonate in a way that defies description – brands that create memorable experiences and emotional connections. Behind many of those brands are thoughtful women who are deepening and expanding the way we experience them. All around us, women are orchestrating compelling moments and environments that vividly engage with their customers, employees, and the greater community.

We wanted to hear from a few of them who are based in San Francisco – so we invited them to share their stories. To an engaged audience, they talked about what they’ve learned during their careers in branding, strategy, and design – touching on the successes they’ve earned and the challenges they’ve faced along the way. Peppered throughout were personal anecdotes that resonated with all in attendance.

“There are no better stories than your own, and the stories that came before you,” Ashara reminded the audience. “Creating opportunities for us to see each other is important, because there isn’t one way in which one way of being, one way of storytelling will thrive.” Jen added, “At the end of the day, I think it’s about really specific, authentic stories.”

Among the most meaningful questions we asked the panelists were the following: How do you help people connect authentically with your brand’s story? How do you keep your eyes on your goal while staying flexible enough to shift course when circumstances demand it? How might being a woman have influenced your process – and your brand? Their answers illuminated a few key truths about branding – that The Why lies at the heart of any successful endeavor, for instance.

“What I always think about as a brand builder is, at the end of the day, what is the one thing you want to be the best at — whether on your block, in your city, in the country, in the world?” asked Jen. “Doing all you can to limit your vision and stay laser-focused is important.” Sound advice, we think.

We’re thrilled to have heard from the group and been inspired by the morning, and we can’t wait to experience what they create next.

A very special thanks to everyone who attended, as well as members of the panel itself:

Moderator: Rachel Newell, Account Director and Head of Strategy, Rapt Studio


  • Ashara Ekundayo, CEO of AECreative and Co-Founder of Impact Hub Oakland
  • Paige Grossman, VP of Design at Ancestry
  • Kate Kittridge, Head of Brand at ThirdLove
  • Jen Pelka, Owner of The Riddler and CEO of Magnum PR
  • Robyn Sue Fisher, Founder and CEO of Smitten Ice Cream