An Interactive Morning with WIRED25

“We used the morning to share our approach to branding and workplace strategy,” says Account Director Rachel Newell, “and what makes it unique.”

Key takeaways? “To be successful in this day and age, brands must be able to be fully experienced,” says Newell. “That’s why Rapt takes a holistic approach to designing them. We know that continued engagement is spurred by meaningful, connected experiences that can be fully felt.”

While Newell and Senior Strategist Michelle Lee talked strategy in the age of connected, integrated brands, our Creative and Account Director Louis Schump highlighted our agile approach — which tends to be more common in software design than space design. At the other end of the studio, Design Director Daniel Epperson took visitors through a few current projects that recruit the talent of graphic designers, interior designers, and architects alike.

“The spaces we design are always informed by the company’s mission, values, and purpose — which drive a company’s culture,” adds Newell. “Our branding work always takes those things into account.”

Visitors left the studio with not just a more comprehensive understanding of what we at Rapt do each day, but also — and even more importantly — with a sense that design, strategy, branding, and space can all connect to create really meaningful experiences.

Image credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for WIRED.

Designing For A Life

On a quintessentially sunny day in LA, we started by acknowledging a fundamental truth: As the lines between work, home, and play blur, designing spaces that support a holistic lifestyle is important. While spaces were once designed for one specific use, companies must now incorporate strategy-informed design to support the fluidity of people’s lives.

With that fact as a launching pad, and with a full house in attendance, the panelists shared key insights they’d pulled from decades of experience in workplace, hospitality, and fitness-center design. They looked toward the future, considering a few more big questions: What will the key places of our lives look and feel like ten years from now? What must spaces do to continually engage and inspire us? How can they actually build brand loyalty and even contribute to our sense of identity? How will they create the connected experiences we all crave, and how will our lives be better for it?

The panelists shared the ways their particular companies have started to tackle these complex design questions. In many cases, they’ve actually redefined environments through the connection between space and strategy — not only helping their people to thrive but also elevating their brand in the process.

The discussion and ensuing Q&A was lively, engaging, and insightful. Watch it below.

Moderator: David Galullo – CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Rapt Studio


  • Kelly Sawdon – Chief Brand Officer, Ace Hotel
  • Tim Cowell – Director of Workplace Experience, Headspace
  • Jon Goss – Chief Commercial Officer, NeueHouse
  • R.G. Kahoe – Project Executive for Real Estate and Workplace Services, Google
  • Sebastian Schoepe – President, 1Up Fitness