Rapt Studio Collection

Multidisciplinary design and strategy firm, Rapt Studio debuts its first furniture collection at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). ICFF runs May 21-24, 2017 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

A full-service design studio that touches on all aspects of a brand—interior design, web design, mobile design, and graphic design—Rapt Studio is uniquely equipped to examine and reset expectations for office, retail, and hospitality furniture. With many years of experience of working with major global companies like Google, HBO, and The Honest Company, Rapt Studio has a rare eye into the kinds of products that don’t currently exist in the market.

Rapt Studio’s new furniture collection is a natural extension of the studio’s unique and varied award-winning interiors. “We are constantly creating custom furniture solutions to serve the specific needs of our clients and we realized that there were some holes in the offerings for which we were consistently designing. This first collection is an experiment in utility and creativity. We grabbed inspiration freely from the world around us, drawing from junkyards and wharfs, reimagining objects that are adaptable yet assertive in any environment,” says Rapt Studio’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer David Galullo.

Rapt Studio’s new furniture collection captures their point of view around design, bringing elements of curiosity that invite user interaction, versatility that make it at home in any environment, and a striking tension between beauty and utility. Inspired by everyday objects like bicycles, exhaust tubing, and gears, each piece makes a statement, and brings inside, the unexpected context from the outside world.

The new furniture collection consists of a lounge – in high and low-back versions; a standing-height collaborative table; as well as a lounge-height work table; and a modular system for trash, planters, storage or stool. The versatile collection is available in a range of finish options—from raw and industrial to lux— ultimately customizable to meet the wide and diverse needs of their clients. Rapt Studio is committed to quality and accessibility, and the new furniture collection will be available to consumers through small batch production. For purchasing information, please email collection@raptstudio.com.