Fast Company FC/LA Recap

Last week, we hosted Fast Company’s FC/LA Creativity Counter-Conference at our LA Studio. The two day event began with Fast Tracks, which were day long neighborhood excursions curated by Fast Company. Attendees were able to choose one of five LA neighborhoods to explore. Each neighborhood featured access to the most intriguing and creative companies. We were honored to be selected as one of the Culver City stops.

Our CEO and Executive Creative Director, David Galullo, spoke to a group of 50 on how great design transforms the way we work. The discussion began with a brief description on our company, brand essence, and Interdisciplinary approach.

After going through a few case studies of recent projects, the attendees were split into groups for an Experience Map exercise. ‘Before, Experience, and Exit’ are the three main categories within the map. Each group was asked to think about what that looks like in terms of going to the dentist. What are the triggers, how is the arrival, what happens while you’re there, how’s the departure?

The exercise segued into the final case study for our work with Lydian Dental, a company that is changing the way people approach dentistry. David touched on each point of the Experience Map and how we addressed those points through our design of the website, architecture, branding, uniforms, etc…

It was a fun and engaging session, we’re looking forward to hosting more of this kind in the future. Thank you to all of the attendees and Fast Company!

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