Make is a creative workspace designed to fit the community that surrounds it. Because location is more than an address, it’s a lifestyle.


Make is a place where businesses can come to fully immerse themselves in the culture around them. Located in San Diego, CA, Make is a 175,000 sq. ft. workspace converted from a floral trade warehouse. We built the experience from the ground up including strategy, naming, identity and architecture.


We wanted to establish a place where creative companies could thrive. The workspace is equipped with onsite showers, a gym, a café, an outdoor amphitheater, greenspace and a shuttle bus—all within a 5-minute bike ride to the beach. So your business walks into a set stage for your productivity. We also collaborated with Salt Surf and Linus Bike to provide equipment, and commissioned artist Jason Woodside to paint a vibrant mural.


The result is a space that reinforces the culture of the community and the people that inhabit it.

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