Kixeye Theatrical in decor and brilliant in design, the Kixeye space gives unique personality to thoughtful functionality.


Kixeye is a San Fransisco-based developer of online strategy and combat games that has recently emerged as a leader in its market since rebranding in 2011. With the upsurge of business, quarters were tight, and the company needed a new space.


Their new headquarters are dramatic and based on their unique ethos: vintage Hollywood and space-themed movies, but not at the cost of efficiency. The space moves with the company’s agile workflow, with writable walls, sliding panels, and mobile whiteboards.


The challenge of redesigning a small space with a quick timeline on a lower budget is solved with the use of inexpensive materials and multifunctional panels with the ability to move and collapse. The result is an adaptable space with a playful Kixeye experience.

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