J. Dawgs Nearly a decade after opening their first hotdog stand in a twelve-foot by twelve-foot red shack, J. Dawgs’ founder wanted to get back to their roots and the magic of that first red shack.


For their new location in Salt Lake City, Rapt Studio kicked off the process with workshops to understand the essence of J. Dawgs. This wasn’t just about opening a new restaurant—it was about the J. Dawgs brand and every experience touchpoint. J. Dawg’s success was built on a simple premise: serve up the tastiest dawgs with the perfect combination of 100% beef dogs, fresh locally baked buns, and Special Sauce. The team developed a creative brand strategy that built on this success and defined the other attributes of the brand. This strategy would serve as a roadmap for the project and the business.


The result was a full brand refresh and a new concept for the downtown restaurant that including everything from fixtures and finishes to employee uniforms and package design. The restaurant was designed around a straight-forward concept that brings people together in a fun environment. It evokes the simplicity of washing up before dinner and gathering around communal tables.

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