1. Thad_Geldert

Thad Geldert | Account Director | Creative Director

Sometimes opposing forces come together to create something new. My childhood was split between the coast and the country, exposing me to the wonders of the ocean, which is deeply ingrained in my being, and the mountains, where I lived on a farm alongside horses and pigs and chickens.


My father is an architect, so I grew up in a world that was surrounded by construction. Meanwhile, my mom taught modern dance. So I got exposed to two distinct types of studios where ideas were transformed into physical expressions — one where drafting documents led to buildings, and one based on bodies performing.


The key to my career is diversity — I don’t fit in a box. My career, before joining Rapt, directly aligned with what Rapt does: creating experiences. For me, that’s meant retail experience concepts for Gap, Williams-Sonoma, and Sephora, as well as wineries and residential projects based on organic, sustainable materials that take a total view of the environments we’re creating. And underlying it all is my passion for client interaction, being able to help someone navigate the design process to bring their visions and dreams to the physical world.