1. Sam_Farhang

Sam Farhang | President | Creative Director

A lot of what I do for a living is waving my hands. I take a high-level view of projects and try to challenge the fundamental beliefs of why we’re doing what we’re doing. This isn’t because I like interrupting things; it’s because I care about how teams function, and to what end.


I learned about teamwork as a platoon leader for the Swedish military, running training missions for medical triage units in the Scandinavian wilderness. In sub-zero temperatures where the sun literally did not rise in the winter, we had to rely on each other to survive. That instilled a feeling of belonging — which was important to me, having moved to Sweden from Iran as a young child.


When a collective is working toward the same goal, it creates a sense of drive in you. That’s what excites me about Rapt, where so many distinct, diverse people have come together to form a melting pot of creativity around the shared goal of good design. Suffice it to say that it keeps my hands moving.