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Louis Schump | Account Director | Creative Director

Inspiration comes in many forms and at unexpected times. By day I work with extremely talented designers and strategists in our San Francisco studio. At other times I am the father of a 12 year old — she is my greatest teacher


I wanted to change the world and went off to study architecture at Washington University in St Louis. Seven years after graduation I switched to design because everyone interacts with, and is affected by, their interior environment. Changing individual lives seemed like a more manageable way to change the world.


Ten years later I decided to become a parent. At the time, a co-worker told me, “You raise adults, not children.” And so, I have come to believe we should design space that is intended to evolve and become something greater than the sum of the parts from which it is crafted.


I am a listener, designer, and leader (not necessarily always in that order). I was once asked how I managed to get clients to care more about what I thought than what they did. I answered simply that I believe in their goals and fearlessly pursue them. At the end of the day, they understand that what I think is in direct alignment with what they need, just more creatively contemplated.