1. Ivan_Saragusti

Iván Saragusti | Director of Creative Operations

As an immigrant, you’re kind of marked for the rest of your life because no matter where you go, in a sense, you’re not where you’re supposed to be. It’s not like I had to cross fences — I flew in. But that perspective of being out of place continually shapes my understanding of the world and my approach to work.


My great-grandfather ran a high-end cutlery business in Argentina. So whenever my family and I would go out to restaurants in Buenos Aires, we would all check for his name on the flatware. Those are my first memories of being concerned with whether something was pretty or not.


At the time I was attending the sort of children’s school where every discipline was taught through the arts. While I may not have grown up to be a designer, I’ve carried a design sensibility with me, from Argentina to Miami to New York and now Los Angeles. My job in operations is to make sure that everyone on our team has what they need — not just to make things pretty, but to reach a level of collaborative success that helps our clients stand out and stand for something.