1. David_Galullo

David Galullo | CEO | Chief Creative Officer

Design is a tricky word. That’s because it’s messy to some, mysterious to many, and powerful to all who have seen it work to solve complex problems with eloquence and suspicious ease.


I am the son of a builder.  My early days were marked by drawing, coloring, painting, and creating every sort of “project” — all in a house that was in a constant state of renovation. I learned to think of the world as pliable, and learned to rely on my creativity to reimagine the things around me that I didn’t like. To this day, I doodle to keep my mind focused and genuinely find it hard to just see anything as complete, static, good enough.


My husband, who is my rock, will tell you I’ve made most of my big decisions in my life on my gut. My gut is pretty quick, and usually right. He would say that I am a great cook, that I can never fully follow a recipe and that I can emerge from a seemingly empty kitchen with a full course meal. If you were to ask my clients about me, I think they’d say they don’t always know exactly what I’m doing, but that they always trust that it is in their best interest.


As I get older, I have grown more comfortable with the world as an imperfect place —  more satisfied with rough edges, with the beauty of the “in-progress”.  I have learned to make wine, continue to “innovate” in the kitchen and never stop learning better ways to live and work. I still rely on my creativity and that of the people around me to reimage the world at every turn. I know that design, like a good relationship, has to live deep, hinge on WHY, and after all of the hard work, seem effortless.