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Daniel Korn | Managing Director, NY

When I moved to New York City after studying marketing and international business, the iPhone didn’t exist, Facebook was only for college kids, and the flip phone was the most coveted gadget around. That was just eleven years ago.


In the decade since then, I’ve worked for some of Madison Avenue’s leading creative agencies. More has changed over the past ten years than the previous hundred years, and I’ve been lucky to be part of many brands’ transformations. Every single marketing organization has had to reevaluate their playbook over the course of this time, and I’ve had the chance to work side-by-side with clients as they have confronted the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. While no one can predict the future, some experts believe that more will change in the next twelve months than in the previous five years.


This change leaves us with so much opportunity at the intersection of technology, branding, and design – perhaps more than ever before. Nevertheless, many companies continue to rely on the “best practices” of how things have always been done, instead of daring to try what has never been done. At Rapt, we are inspired by what could be, and we work with incredible clients who are looking to transform themselves.


I joined Rapt Studio New York to help clients create meaningful brand experiences that can change business outcomes. I couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for Rapt Studio and our clients.