Now more than ever, genuine, connected, and consistent wins. Great brands, like all meaningful endeavors or important causes, are led by people who believe. They gather and find power in belonging to something larger than themselves, find solace in a shared experience.


Rapt Studio has been created in direct response to this philosophy. We are a group of believers – crazy talented, intensely focused, and curious to a fault. We are architects, designers of all sorts, strategists, and dreamers. We come together to create the genuine, connected and consistent experience necessary for a brand to thrive in 2017 and beyond.



We are Rapt Studio.


We are a collection of individuals who are more powerful than the sum of our collective selves. I am a Knife Collector, Graffiti Strategist, New Girl, New York Transplant, Digger, Speaker of Truth, Angry Grandpa, Bra Burner, Number Cruncher, Chain Linker, Cookie, Pretty Boy, Quiet Killer, Ex-State Trooper, Wine Maker, Snappy Dresser, Smiler, Closer, Casual Strategist, The Architect, Can-Can Dancer, FC Barcelona Fanatic, Surf Boy, Snowboarder, J’Freak, Potter, Interpretive Dancer, 70’s TV Junkie, Surfer, Father, Gnocchi Lover, Imaginary Stripper, Cat Lady, TV Travel Guide, Fresh Air Enthusiast, Astronaut, Problem Solver, Mrs. Hosfelt, Cross Fitter, Swiss Queso, Misty Strips, Athlete, Pixie, Budgie Smuggler, Carnie, EDM Connoisseur, Doodler, Connector, Dancer, Fashion Blogger, Fashionista, Visual Commander, Swedish Soldier, Delusional Optimist, Madame Secretary, Architectural Exhibitionist, Beard of Bees, Sushi Connoisseur, Cocktail Agent, Pistol Whipper, Leader of People, Body Surfer, The Repair Man, Dander Fighter, Motorcyclist, Woodland Nymph, Furniture Maker, and Dog Whisperer.


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