A Bright Future For Content Creators

June 9, 2016

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Interior Design Magazine recently published two articles in their May issue about our work for Fullscreen. The first article focuses on our design of Fullscreen’s Playa Vista HQ. The second is about how we addressed their need to expand in LA as well as NY.

The issue is currently on shelves and you can read them online via the following links: Fullscreen’s LA HQ by Rapt Studio Signals a Bright Future for Content Creators, Rapt Studio Tackles Two Satellite Locations for a Client in Expansion Mode.

Stayed tuned to our Twitter and Instagram for more Rapt Studio updates.

Fullscreen LA Feb 2016 (24)
Fullscreen NYC 2016 (13)
Fullscreen LA Feb 2016 (8)
Fullscreen NYC 2016 (4)