General Assembly x Rapt Studio – The Empowered Designer Recap

August 19, 2015

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545A8103545A8036545A8116 545A8086 545A8079 545A8041 545A8039Design education provider, General Assembly, approached us a while back to give a presentation at their San Francisco and Santa Monica campuses. With no subject given, our Art Director, Sam Gray, drew from recent thoughts and discussions with other designers.

Those thoughts were focused on how designers can empower themselves with clients, self initiated projects, and their own careers. Hence the title, The Empowered Designer: What is your job-to-be-done as a designer? Observations and lessons learned in the startup, in-house, and studio worlds. Based on the high attendance, we could tell that this was a topic of interest. There were some really productive discussions that followed each presentation.

Some main takeaways from the night: Our job-to-be-done is not always what we think it is. We need to have a strategy, but we also need to keep in mind that 93% of the time it will fail and we need to reposition. Designers can make a difference in any employment situation, whether in-house or studio. If you aren’t happy where you are, make a change. If you aren’t creating the kind of work you want to at work, find an alternative outlet to do it. And lastly, “When you’re not designing for the core, it’s like putting icing on a poop cake.”

Thanks again to General Assembly for inviting us and for all the people that participated. Looking forward to the next time.

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