SF Design Week 2015 | Tuffy + Rapt Studio Screen Print Demo

June 12, 2015

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Tuffy_4We really wanted to participate in this years SF Design Week, but not by giving another studio tour. This year we decided to host a screen printing demo that allowed attendees to create something with their hands.

We partnered with local designer + artist Tuffy to create a design that tied into our designing for the senses theme.

Tuffy gave a presentation that walked us through his background, and the process of taking a design from a sketch to print. The presentation was super informative! The final design was a total of three colors, two of which were pre-printed by Tuffy beforehand. After the presentation, each person in attendance was able to apply the final color and take their print home.

Design Week gives us a moment to enjoy + support the great community of designers in SF, we’re happy that we could be a part of it. Looking forward to the next one!

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