Designing for the Senses – SF Panel

April 14, 2015

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Last week, we held our Designing for the Senses panel in SF. With a new set of panelists, the discussion was as energetic as the one we recently held in LA. The list of speakers included; Noah Guy (Founder & Designer, Joshu+Vela), Samantha Soma (Scent Branding Maven, GE), Laura Guido-Clark (Creative Director of Materials, Herman Miller), and Karel Barnoski (Sound & UX Designer, GE). Kim Alter (Chef, formerly Haven and Plum) served some mouthwatering bites and was also a late addition to the panel.

The discussion traveled from Egypt, where Samantha spoke about Cleopatra, the first scent brander – to Paris, where Kim chose a 7-course meal from a scent based menu – back to SF, where Noah spoke about the unseen sense of energy that surrounds us.

Joseph White, our Director of Strategy, moderated the panel. He really dug deep to discover what happens when senses are up for interpretation, and to unearth each individual’s experience & perspective.

The Designing for the Senses topic is a hefty one to squeeze into an hour-long discussion, but it’s one that we plan on continuing as the year progresses through a variety of activities.

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