SXSW Social Good Hub

March 20, 2015

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SXSW1We were challenged by the Social Good Hub #SXgood to assist in creating a more interactive experience within their space at SXSW 2015. The Social Good Hub was a two-day destination for collaborative events, networking, and entertainment, presented by the United Nations Foundation, relating to social impact.

Our goal was to create installations that sparked conversations about social issues and innovation by introducing people to compelling interactive art and design. We provided solutions to encourage everyone involved—from attendees to organizers—to “Do Kindness”.

The end result came in the form of two interactive installations. We wanted to set the tone upon arrival, so we installed a wall of removable cards in the main lobby. Everyone was instructed to “Take 1”. Each card had a Random Act of Kindness on the back for the individual to perform. These cards urged attendees to “Do Kindness” while at the event, and also reminded them to keep doing so after leaving the space.

The second piece was a $1,000 Idea Wall. Event goers were able to remove the bills from the wall, write an idea of what social good they would do with the money, and then submit it. We believe that $1,000 dollars can go a long way with the right idea. Once the submissions are collected, we’ll select our favorite & donate the funds to that social good idea. By doing this we suggested that ideas are worth more than money and a tremendous impact can be made with few resources.