A Portland Delight

October 21, 2014

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In today’s ever changing world, our lives are consumed with technology.  There are millions of apps spanning across multiple devices, and they all are fighting for our time. When so many offer the same thing, how does one make a choice?

Most would  probably make that choice based on their needs. But more and more people are making decisions based on their experience. This is something we talk about a lot at Rapt. We’re in the business of designing enjoyable experiences.

Last week, we packed our bags and headed to Portland for the Delight Design Conference. Delight was founded by ISITE Design,  a digital experience company based in Boston, and their goal is to “Gather brands and thought leaders who care about building great experiences.”

The conference was a two day event held at the Portland Art Museum and it included speakers from Facebook, Intel, and Zappos, amongst others. We were delighted by all that the conference had to offer. On top of the highly informative talks, we were excited about some of the experiences Delight used to “wow” it’s attendees.

Our favorite one was the concierge hashtag. When using the hashtag, we were able to tweet @DelightConf to request anything from a pen to a warm cookie. Within five minutes, it was delivered right to our seat. It was something we didn’t really need, but once we had it, we couldn’t live without it. These are the types of meaningful & lasting experiences that we strive to design day in and day out. Conferences like Delight remind us to smile big at the little things.

For more on Delight Design visit http://delight.us