The Salone Microcosm Experience

April 18, 2014

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Salone Internazionale del Mobile, also know as the Milan Furniture fair, is an annual event centralized within the city of Milan exhibiting the best of design from all over the world. While first and foremost presented as a furniture fair, it’s so much more. Needless to say, we were very excited to see what the world of designed experiences had to offer.

Casually geared up for a mindblowing Alice-In-Wonderland type of design experience, David and Cory boarded a plane (that was probably way too fancy for the rest of us) to visit the garden of eden of global design. After four days of continuous sensory stimulation including everything from the visual, audible and physical, they came back glowing with more than just a radiant tan.

“While we could have chosen to follow the Salone fair through our smartphones or Macbooks, real takeaways become evident when we got to experience things in person.” — Cory Sistrunk

As centralized as the Salone fair might seem, the only centralized thing about it is showing tons of installations in one city. Everything else is about breaking barriers as both established and up and coming artists get the opportunity to display their art and products, and more importantly, the sentiment behind them.

When they returned a week later, David and Cory brought back a lot of insights and a few reminders that we’re headed in the right direction when defusing the mentality of working in silos to create something more holistic. Like the variety of art pieces and products shown at the fair, the output of our work is diverse. We are not a studio to be put in a box by one definition.

In emphasizing what was so important about going to Salone, Cory excitedly talks about the Samsung installation. Featuring three of their signature products: a stove, a fridge and a washer, the exhibit reminds you more of a scene from Inception than ordinary appliances that sit in our kitchens. Exploded and frozen in a linear capricorn-like structure, viewers were able to see metal parts and screws that make up the products. Transforming into a line of interactive Samsung TV screens it all made for a fully immersive experience.

Samsung was spot on. Our lives are already too cluttered and crowded with stuff. What design should do–at its best–is offer people experiences that add value to their lives.

As the dust is settling and our CEO and president are getting back their natural hues, our Studio is growing more focused than ever to prove that we are more than what people take us for.

We are on the march and our designers are hungry. Hopefully a future visit to Salone won’t just blow our minds by what others are doing, but others will be equally blown away by the things we are doing. Salone, we have our eyes on you.