Prophet. A flexible San Franciscan office.

April 28, 2014

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When the marketing strategy and consulting firm Prophet came to us with the plan for their new corporate San Francisco office we made distinctive changes to better utilize their new space.

After having recently finished the redesign of their NY and Chicago offices by the lead of their internal director of design, Prophet came to us looking for a ‘local architect’ to implement the company’s branded space design with some San Franciscan flair. However, during our discovery process, it became evident that the sideloaded free column structure of their new space at One Bush Street had immense potential for a more immersive and collaborative floor plan solution than they initially presented.

Through a collaboration with their designers, a new plan was formed. In utilizing the building’s open structure, we got rid of walls and eliminated individual offices to create an open plan that inspires collaboration. Drawing inspiration from San Francisco’s close proximity to nature, the interior carries a blend of both organic reused wood and bark mixed with beautifully modern and sleek design.

Following the design of Prophet’s other offices, we utilized a lot of glass doors that can be left open or closed for private spaces without compromising the overall open plan. Leaving extra room for more Teknion Interpret desks and furnishing this office has the capability to fit more work spaces as the company grows.