Belief is the New Currency

March 24, 2014

  1. apple

Rapt Studio President, Cory Sistrunk

Every company worth starting begins with roughly the same basic ingredients: a great product, a big vision, and a belief that both can add something meaningful to the world. Now it just comes down to getting people to buy into your idea.

But the world is changing. The rise of new technology and fresh business models — as well as the arrival of customers who are no longer indiscriminate spenders — have created a new dynamic landscape.

Unfortunately, our approach to creating value hasn’t caught up. We’re applying the same old marketing model to a world that demands evolution to stay innovative. The demand to generate more content, products, and features faster than everyone else has created a shouting match with overloaded websites, splintered messaging, siloed teams and a slavish devotion to trends.

There needs to be a shift in the way we approach value creation as well as a fundamental return to what makes us human. Today, the only way to create lasting value is to create brands that people believe in.

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