Introducing the Best Large Tech Office of the Year

January 6, 2014

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Adobe Utah Campus_Part One_0168
Adobe Utah Campus_Part One_0119
Adobe Utah Campus_Part One_0016

Working with a great to help design an amazing space and help define a brand might have been the highlight of 2013. Winning a Best of Year Award for it was just the icing on a super sweet cake.

Last month we went to New York City for the Interior Design Best of Year Awards, and took home a really great trophy for our work on Adobe’s Lehi campus. Now that the dust is finally settling from 2013, it’s nice looking back on a project we never imagined we’d be so proud of—or that would end up being so much fun to work on.

You can read all the details here, but what ended up starting as a straightforward design process ended up helping Adobe define and capture its evolving culture and brand in a really unique space. The result wasn’t just a collaborative environment but a new vision that brought together the art and science of creating digital experiences in a new way.

Just goes to show what can happen when a great client and a big vision come together to help create a better brand and a culture of belief.