CEO David Galullo is Interviewed in The New York Times

August 20, 2013

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Thank goodness we still read physical periodicals or else we may have missed the feature in the Business section of NY Times about our Raptor-in-chief. David Galullo sat down with Vivian Marino for a Q&A about movements in the design world.

Q. The company has really evolved from being just an interior designer.

A. More clients are realizing that space is that extension of brand and culture. We’re here to build strong connections: between your customer and your brand, or an employee and the culture of an organization. When all those things start to be aligned, you get this brand that’s really a movement. All of those alignments and connections need to be designed.

Q. Are there new trends in interior design?

A. Particularly in the tech sector, people are moving beyond the “we want it to be fun — throw a foosball table in there!” Our more sophisticated clients on the tech side realize that every single tech company has game rooms or free food. It’s got to be something bigger to draw or recruit.

For the full article, see link here