10 Questions With David Galullo

August 21, 2012

  1. 10Q10A

10Q10ARapt_Web_Blog_Thumb_David10QsDavid Galullo, Rapt Studio’s CEO & design principal, is the subject of DesignWire’s “10 Questions With…” series.

“A master at creating enlivening and future-minded spaces for cutting-edge corporations and private clients, David Galullo, design principal and CEO at Rapt Studio, AIA IIDA, has a world-class knack for finding the soul inside a project. Working between offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Galullo and the Rapt team manage a diverse client roster which has included North Face, Adobe, Naked Juice, Cartoon Network, Jansport, Jamba Juice, Campari America, Disney Music, and many more. Here, Galullo discusses early inspiration, philanthropic endeavors, and his intention to be a one-stop brand shop.”

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